Choose your Health Adventure – Stress and Fatigue

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and unmotivated?

Lifestyle changes are a great place to start for more energy.

Supplement for Vitality

Our pharmaceutical grade supplements support and balance every cell in your body, and nourish your adrenals.

Are you tired, depressed, gaining weight, and irritable?

Your adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive hormones are probably out of balance. Get them tested!


Address one of the most common causes of disease with our medical detox program.

Choose your own Adventure: Step One

Supplementation makes a huge difference in how your body functions. Vitamins and minerals are needed to build and run your body. Fix your fatigue by supporting your cells and unlocking your energy.

Step Two

Test your cortisol to determine if you need more specific help in supporting your adrenals and sleep.

Step Three

Your Thyroid and reproductive hormones may also be out of balance if sleep hygiene, nutrition, and sleep packets don't work. Get them tested!

Step Four

Your body is likely full of toxins that make it more difficult to do everything. Get rid of them!

Step Five

Inflammation is exhausting. Test what you are sensitive to and stop pouring gasoline on the fire of inflammation that is exhausting your body.

Step Six

Do you find it difficult to make the changes you know would benefit you? Do you want to be free of self-sabotaging behaviors and get ready to live your best life? Dr. Wilde is a Master Practitioner and can help you unlock your power.

Step 7 - Optimize your Genetics

Unlocking the code in your DNA and making Diet, Lifestyle and Supplementation changes will benefit you in every area of your health for your lifetime.

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Do You Feel Sick and Tired? Are You Struggling With Your Health? Are You Anxious About Getting A Chronic Disease Like Autoimmunity, Heart Disease, Diabetes Or Cancer?

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