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At Naturopathic MD, we provide a map to wellness where you can choose your own health adventure. Doctor comes from a latin root: docere – which means “to teach”. This is an educational site, created by Dr. Heather Wilde, where you are empowered with knowledge to take control of your health and truly. . . thrive.

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“A tree as great as a man’s embrace springs from a small shoot;A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth; A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s feet.”

– Tao Te Ching Ch 64

Stress & Fatigue

Stress makes everything worse, and is a major reason behind all the other health issues you see here.
With this module you start at the foundation so you can build up.

Hormone Imbalances

Do you complain of PMS, menopause, infertility, endometriosis, acne, hair loss, brain fog, lack of motivation and or weight issues? Do you feel your hormones are “off”?

Digestive Issues

Acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis. Oh My! You are what you eat, and if your digestion is off, you can’t absorb your vital nutrients and thrive.

Metabolic Syndrome - Heart Disease & Diabetes

Heart disease kills more north Americans than anything, and Prediabetes and Diabetes are like throwing gasoline on that fire. The good news is: They are completely preventable! Learn your true risk, and what to do.


This is an exploding area of medical issues because stress, toxicity, and inflammation all feed into autoimmune syndromes. Learn how to prevent and manage autoimmunity, naturally.

Mental Health

Anxious? Depressed? Struggling with OCD, irritability, brain fog, ADD/ADHD? Do you want better brain health to decrease dementia risk? It is said that the brain is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. Gain control.

You need to Detoxify.

Everyone will benefit from this Protocol. Optimize your health and address one of the major causes of disease with our physician grade medical detoxification to balance hormones, increase energy, regulate digestion, and improve clarity of mind and mood.

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Why Choose Us

We are the experts in holistic, natural, functional medicine and have been practicing at the forefront of health and wellness for elite clients for over 15 years.

Knowledge is Power

Your body can heal itself when given the right environment and you Treat The Cause. Learn how to determine what is causing your dis-ease and make big improvements in how you feel.

Doctor as Teacher

Dr. Heather Wilde has been teaching since 2001. Learn about your health from an expert facilitator experienced with high school through post graduate level education.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Learn how to optimize your health and prevent the occurrence of lifestyle driven chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Physician Heal Thyself

Our philosophy is to be as healthy as we can be and to walk our talk. We have explored all aspects of our own health, and strive to be at our best so we can guide you better along your health journey.

Healing Power of Nature

The further you get from nature, the more ill you will become. We get you in touch with your natural rhythms and needs and empower you with the power of natural, functional, logical medicine.


You cannot be split into different parts. You are a body, and a mind, and a spirit. We guide you to explore, support, and optimize all aspects of you with our experience and resources.

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We are so proud to say that NaturopathicMD was built completely by word of mouth and referrals from happy clients experiencing success and vital health.

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