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Feed Your Brain

If you have a brain, then this supplement is for you. It combines the three best researched nutrients to support optimal brain health and repair. It is good for children and adults, to optimize attention, and focus. It helps with anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD, CTE etc.

Brain Wellness Coaching

Stress management and brain optimization make everything in your life better. If you don’t have time to meditate for 15 minutes a day, that means that you probably need to meditate for 3 hours a day – or get our Wellness Coaching.

Detox your life

Many toxins are Neurotoxins, meaning they affect your nerves and brain in seriously negative ways. Get them out! And reprogram your habits for health with the Wilde Vitality Detoxification Course.

Mental Health Supplement Packets

Balance your brain chemistry, hormones and lower inflammation in your brain

Neurotransmitter Testing

Learn how to support and optimize your neurotransmitters, naturally.

Lower your inflammation and help your brain function

Inflammation triggers migraine headaches. Find out what you are eating that does not serve.

Test your Genetics

Unlock the power of your genome and identify how to optimize your brain AND body.

Step One - Give Your Brain the Building Blocks it Needs

Neurotransmitters are made from amino acids, minerals and B vitamins. Feed your brain, lower your inflammation and balance your hormones.

Step Two - Clarify Your Mind

Many toxins are Neurotoxins, meaning they harm and even kill your nerves and brain tissues. Treat what is making your migraines worse, and more difficult to manage. Reprogram your habits for health with the Wilde Vitality Detoxification Course.

Step Three - Put Out The Fire

Food sensitivities trigger migraines and make them worse. Find out what you are eating that does not serve.

Step Four - Balance Your Hormones

Hormone imbalances between Estrogen and Progesterone can trigger migraines. That is why they are linked to female menstrual cycle changes and peri-menopause.

Step Five - Get your Sleep

Your brain needs good, deep, regenerative sleep to work optimally. Migraines can be triggered when you are stressed and tired, so be sure you support your body in getting good, healthy sleep. The Wilde Vitality Detox will help teach you proper sleep hygiene. These supplements will help you get good sleep by lowering cortisol at night. Add Step 3 and help balance hormones as well.

Step Six - Genetics

Gain control by determining how your enzyme and genetics are affecting your body's stress response, inflammation management, and detoxification capabilities as well as how you are making your neurotransmitters. That information will help you to determine how to eat, supplement, and what lifestyle changes will support all aspects of your health.

Step Seven - Reprogram Your Brain for Health

Human consciousness and personality are created by the interplay of "Nature and Nurture". The previous steps have all worked with "Nature" on the body and brain to physically change and support optimal function. This step is to reprogram your brain and what it thinks based on what you were told when you were very young, and how you have overcome past trauma. This is where the deep healing happens because you heal your past and be more fully in the present.

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Unlock Your Healthiest Self with the Wilde Vitality Detoxification Program

The Wilde Vitality Detoxification Program is a 7-module program that teaches you how to make meaningful and holistic changes to optimize your health.

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