30 day Detoxification Program


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Our environment is full of over 80,000 industrial chemicals. Many of which have never been tested for human safety alone, let alone together in a toxic chemical soup. You have also heard a lot about fad detoxes, and you may have even tried a few. This is the best medical detoxification program you can find to safely and effectively remove non-metallic toxins like phthalates, BPA, parabens, gasoline additives, pesticides, herbicides, formaldehyde, etc.

You are exposed to cancer causing chemicals every day. If you aren’t drinking enough water, getting enough liver support, adequate minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants etc, then you are storing these chemicals in your body. As you amass more chemicals, your body has a harder time functioning. Over time, you will develop diseases like cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity and heart disease.

One great example is air pollution can make diabetes worse!

Here are some others:

Air pollution and breast cancer. Air pollution and MS. Air pollution and heart disease.

Want to clean up your air? This is the air filter I use in my own home.

Unfortunately, air isn’t the only source of pollution and toxicants. You also encounter them in food, water, clothing, personal care and cleaning products. If you live on Earth, you need to effectively detox to decrease your likelihood of disease.

This is a Naturopathic MD designed medical detoxification program with dietary recommendations, protein detox powder and AM and PM supplement packets. You will also receive access to an amazon list with snack and product information.


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