Functional Medicine Offers Solutions for Hair Loss

  • Mar 08, 2024

Functional Medicine for Hair Loss

Dealing with thinning hair or excessive shedding as a woman can be incredibly frustrating and impact your self-confidence. I know, I have been there.

About ten years ago, I lost about 1/3 of my hair because I was stressed, not eating well, and skipping out on the self-care. It wasn’t really a “thing” then. Hair loss in women is much more common than you might think, with up to 50% of us experiencing some degree of thinning or balding as we age.

Your body wants to be vital and strong and vibrant – and your hair is an indication of how healthy you are.  Think of how we know an animal is sick, they lose their hair, or it gets dull. Hair isn’t necessary to us, and when we lose it, it is an indication of how healthy our body really is.

Luckily, functional medicine offers solutions for hair loss for both men and women.

While genetics play a role, as in everything, female hair loss is often triggered by hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, nutritional deficiencies, high stress levels, and exposure to toxins. Traditional treatments tend to only mask the symptoms and have limited efficacy, without addressing the underlying causes.

This is where functional medicine offers a powerful, holistic approach to resolving hair loss at the root (HA! Get it?)- by optimizing your biochemistry and physiology. Detoxifying your body is absolutely necessary to enable your hair follicles to thrive once again.

Detoxifying for Hair Regrowth

Toxic exposures from our modern environment, like heavy metals, chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens), pesticides, and more, can accumulate in our bodies and disrupt hormones that regulate the hair growth cycle. A comprehensive detoxification program helps flush out these hair-damaging toxins while supporting your body’s innate cleansing pathways. Here’s a link to the best detox in the galaxy.

After the detox, you can get specific dietary recommendations to reduce inflammatory foods through the best food sensitivity testing available, here.

During the Wilde Vitality Detox, you will learn to optimize nutrient intake with my eating tips, and get targeted supplementation including antioxidants and binders in your supplement packets. I also educate on metabolic detoxification therapies like saunas and baths. More importantly, I teach you to avoid toxicant exposures like industrial chemicals, food additives, personal care product adulterants, molds and heavy metals. As your toxic burden decreases, your hormones can rebalance and hair growth can restart.

Balancing Hormones for Lush Locks

Almost every single hormonal imbalance has been linked to some form of hair loss, from thyroid disorders to estrogen/progesterone imbalances, excess androgens, insulin resistance, cortisol dysregulation, and more.

Functional medicine focuses on in-depth testing and analysis to uncover the specific hormonal drivers behind your hair struggles. Optimize thyroid levels, resolve estrogen dominance, lower excess androgens, and treat PCOS. Calm chronic stress, and restore your biochemical balance.

Targeted nutrition plans, herbal remedies, supplements like adaptogens and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can all be utilized to harmonize your internal endocrine symphony. As your hormones rebalance, hair resting or shedding phases stabilize and growth can renew.

Want to get tested? I created this website to increase access to functional lab testing done by real naturopathic physicians and expert providers. Click the links below to get your hormones tested via gold standard methods. Available in most states (Not NY)

Know your hormones are out of balance? Get on the Hormone Balance Program, and feel better fast.

Anti-Aging for Follicle Longevity

At the core of many hair concerns are also the inescapable effects of aging. Stress, inflammation, and toxicity drive aging and disease. Declining nutrient levels and hormone fluctuations also impact follicle longevity and activity.

Find out if your supplementation program is covering your nutritional needs with this micronutrient and antioxidant test.

Functional medicine anti-aging protocols aim to optimize cellular rejuvenation and slow or reverse degeneration through antioxidant protection, mitochondrial support, activating stem cell pathways, and modulating gene expression. All of these are necessary for general health, but especially help offer solutions for hair loss.

By combining detoxification, expert hormone balancing, and leading-edge anti-aging treatments all tailored to your unique biochemistry, working with me will truly address the multifaceted root causes behind your hair loss.

Are you ready to reclaim your luscious locks and slow your steady march toward aging (eek)?

Get my functional medicine hair loss reversal guide, and start implementing powerful changes.

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