Astrology and Health

  • Jun 20, 2021

I have been studying astrology for over 25 years. I have casted charts by hand using an ephemeris and books 3 inches thick before good software really existed. It often felt like modern astrology missed something. There was something to it, but not really. That is also how I feel about the Co-star app. It is good more people are paying attention, but the “insight” shared on that app is largely disappointing. I have now found . Christopher Witecki has great insights that I have been using to optimize my life. He has a nerdy sense of humor that I, as a fellow nerd, totally enjoy. He knows SO MUCH about the occult and how to pay attention and apply it for big changes. This latest video on the full Strawberrry (or Honeymoon) in June is especially important. Watch it here:

I look at astrology and how the planets move through space like guideposts along my life journey. We know the moon influences the oceans with tides, and you can see parasites on stool tests more reliably during a full moon. I know it sounds crazy, the truth is we know very little about our place in the universe.


full moon astrology

We do not completely understand the ways in which we are connected to nature. The infinity of the universe is far beyond what our brains can conceive of. Quantum physics is stretching the nature of our reality. It isn’t difficult to imagine that there are other forces at work in our lives when we know there are at least 10 dimensions. Some string theorists say there are 26. We currently are aware of 3, possibly 4.

I do not see astrology as a religion, rather, we live in a mysterious universe, and our unconscious understands its experience in symbols. The planets, and the influence they may or may not have on us are symbols I choose to pay attention to. Especially now.

How I Use Astrology

The world is going through some significant changes, and so am I. Astrology is a way to look in the mirror and see where you can improve mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You become aware of what forces are acting in the universe and working with them can make the process a little bit easier.

I recommend following him and getting his text messages. I especially valued the love and lust report. The analysis was scarily accurate, and explained why my first marriage failed so spectacularly! I wish I had had that report before the wedding. I will be doing a facebook and instagram live about my interpretations of this video. We are in the middle of a massive heavenly shift. I will share how you can take the greatest advantage of the stars by optimizing your mindset.

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