Breakthrough to Health and Wellness


90% of your behavior is unconscious, and you are likely using tools you learned before the age of 7 to get your needs met. Rewire your brain for success. Evolve in health and achieve your goals with Master NLP practitioner, coach and hypnotherapist, Dr. Wilde.

Product Description

Breakthrough with NLP and Brain Reprogramming

This program is designed to uncover what is holding you back. Empower you to break through the blocks and barriers to your health goals. When you unlock the wellness in your body, you unlock joy and energy. Live your best life, and be your ultimate you. Disconnect from the patterns that sabotage your success. Unlock your personal power and enjoy your life.

Dr. Wilde is a master practitioner, and trainer of neurolinguistic programming and has been a hypnotherapist for 16 years. She creates a judgement free zone where you are able to take yourself on, and heal the deeper, unconscious patterns that are harming your health.

All disease has an emotional/mental component, and Dr. Wilde can help you uncover what behaviors and thoughts are adding to your health challenges. She can help you disconnect those patterns. What do you want to do instead?

You can reprogram yourself and your behaviors and unlock your full potential with a Breakthrough.

What happened to your New Year’s Resolution to exercise more? Break through your excuses.

Do you want to go to sleep earlier so you have more energy? Break through your self sabotage.

Do you want to eat better? Break through your emotional eating.

Is a detox something you have always wanted to do and never have? Break through your resistance.

Do you desire to begin a meditation practice? Break through your resistance.

Do you desire to engage in better self care and self loving practices?

Do you desire to release stress and anxiety and feel more calm and free?

Breakthrough your old patterns!

Laboratory testing and supplementation and wellness plans are only as good as what you are inspired to do about them. If you order all your supplements and then don’t take them, the whole process is worthless. You can choose to be well, and vital. And we can help you to understand, and shine the light of awareness on why you aren’t taking those supplements, and then help you unlock your power to choose YOU. Choose YOUR wellness adventure, rather than your shadow, and old wounds and self-defeating patterns choosing for you.

Elite Wellness Coaching

This program will take between 2-3 months to complete depending on how much work you are putting in to it. Remember, no one can “heal” you. It is your responsibility and your journey. The practitioner is just a guide on your health adventure. We guarantee that if you commit to this process, you will unlock your life in amazing and beautiful ways. Do you want to live your best life? Choose this adventure, and watch your dreams unfold.


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