Choose your Health Adventure – Metabolic Syndrome

Diet and Lifestyle work every time.

IF you do the right diet. Learn more about the best diet for you with food sensitivity testing.

The Cure for Heart Disease and Diabetes

When you work a muscle group to failure, it completely resets its sensitivity to insulin. Weight training is a cornerstone of reversing metabolic syndrome. Get a trainer to help hold you accountable, commit to an exercise regime and change your life.

Care for your heart

Get a natural supplement to help lower your cholesterol without the negative side effects associated with statin drugs.

Cover your heart, and your head.

Coverthree has Curcumin, trans-resveratrol and EPA/DHA in a synergistic and highly absorbable formula. It is one of the best things you can take for your heart. And your brain.

Treat the Cause

Stress management makes everything better. Make time for quiet. If you don’t find yourself doing it, we can help.

Step One - Do you know your risk?

Heart disease kills more Americans than anything, and Prediabetes and Diabetes are like throwing gasoline on that fire. 90% of people who are pre-diabetic don't even know. A normal lipid panel will not tell you your heart attack and stroke risk because it doesn't look deeply enough. Do you want to know your risk?

Step Two - CardioMetabolic Optimization Supplementation

Give your body the basic nutrients needed to support your heart health along with blood sugar support and anti-inflammatory substances.

Step 3 - What is increasing your heart attack and stroke risk?

Food sensitivities increase inflammation in the body leading to vascular damage, arterial plaque, metabolic changes, increased cholesterol and increased heart attack and stroke risk.

Step Four - Optimize your Genetics

This test will give you information about diet, lifestyle and supplementation to optimize your body from your DNA out. Learn whether your metabolism is sabotaged more by sugar, or fatty meat - or both.

Step Five - Micronutrients and Antioxidants

There are 1000 different supplements and antioxidants you could take that probably make sense to add to your protocol. But do you need them? This test looks at where you are functionally deficient in nutrients, and the antioxidants that work best with your body so you can tailor your supplement plans.

Step Six - Detoxify

Removing toxic substances from your body changes everything. It helps to balance your hormones, decrease your inflammation, optimize your metabolism, and reverses all kinds of maladies. This detoxification program reverses metabolic syndrome, and teaches you how to maintain health and the weight you lose.

Step Seven - Overcome your Self - Sabotage

You know what you most need to do, and yet you are not necessarily doing it. Why is that? Because you have programming in your unconscious that has you eat emotionally, not make time for exercise and avoid doing self care. If you have gotten this far, and still not make the necessary changes. Then this step is for you. Unlock your magnificence and vitality.

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