Migraine Supplementation Packets


Take one of the 28 individual packets with breakfast each day and feel confident that you are supporting your body in effective ways to address the causes of your migraine headaches.

Product Description

Do you have tons of supplements in your cupboard or on your counter that you bought because you read that they would help your migraines, but you don’t remember exactly why, and you forget to take them?  Or didn’t notice a difference when you did? This protocol is designed to address the causes of migraines – inflammation, stress, toxicity and hormone imbalances. It is simple, effective, and in a packet you can travel with and take with breakfast AND/OR lunch if you need to spread them out. You no longer have to worry about whether you are taking the best supplements for you because we have taken the guess work out of it. We can further tailor these protocols to support you based on functional testing.

Migraine supplementation protocol supplies the most common nutrients necessary to support your optimal brain health.

Take one of the 28 individual packets with breakfast each day and feel confident that you are supporting your brain and neurotransmitter metabolism to decrease your risk of anxiety, depression, attention and memory issues. Our specific formulations in daily packets help increase your compliance because you know exactly what to take and when. Remember, they don’t work unless you take them!

Many people are struggling with migraine headaches, and have turned to heavy medications with undesirable side effects . These packets can be taken with those medications to help them work better, and also for you to need them less or not at all.

This multivitamin protocol packet contains the highest grade, best absorbed, well researched supplements available. You no longer need a separate fish oil, or multivitamin when taking this packet. It contains nutrient and herbal support to keep your brain healthy, balance your hormones and lower your inflammation. Activated B complex and highly absorbable minerals are necessary for every process in your body. Our fish oil is high in EPA, DHA and also supplies Vitamin D.


Quercetin – Mental health

If you want extra support, we highly recommend adding in CoverThree’s Brain Assist after lunch.

Our supplements are packaged in biodegradable packaging, because the environment and our children’s futures are important to us.

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