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Nutritional Genetic Analysis


Everyone can benefit from this genetic analysis and the recommendations that come with it. It is one of our most highly recommended tests. Dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental recommendations are made based on your DNA!

You will likely want to add an appointment for help interpreting the results!

Product Description

Everyone can benefit from nutritional genetic analysis and the recommendations that come with it. It is one of our favorite tests here at Naturopathic MD. We recommend this test, if you are going to get only one test done. The results will recommend dietary, lifestyle, and specific supplements just for you based on your DNA! The test is easy to complete with a simple cheek swab. It is so easy every one can use it from infants to seniors.

The lab looks at more than 85 genes and makes recommendations based upon over 500 research studies. This analysis is the most unique and easy to understand genetic report on the market and the one that will have the greatest impact on your health.

You will receive:

  • A 50+ page custom genetic analysis organized into eight sections of health by email in 6-8 weeks from the day your sample is received
  • A custom grocery list based on a combination of gene variants, enabling you to customize your diet based on your highest vitamin, mineral and compound needs
  • Foods, chemicals, toxins, and additives that are most important for you to avoid
  • Recommended blood work

Other Recommended Labs:

This test goes great with our Digestion Analysis and Food Sensitivity Testing to help your body work optimally. If you really want to Bio-Hack your health and vitality, get the Micronutrient and antioxidant testing to see what supplements you are specifically in need of.

After you receive results.

You have your Genetic Analysis results – What now?

You will most likely want an appointment with us to make sense of the information. It is extremely in depth, and you will likely need a full hour to go over it.

60 minute appointment.

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