Choose your Health Adventure – Hormones

Out of balance hormones cause disease.

How do you hold your excess weight? It will give you clues about what hormones are not optimized.

Hormones keep us young and vital. 

Testosterone is anti-aging for men, and can be boosted naturally if necessary. Get the Male hormone panel and find out your levels.

Hormones keep us young and vital.

Estrogen is anti-aging for women, and can be boosted naturally if necessary. Making sure it is balanced with Progesterone is key. Get the Female hormone panel and find out your levels.

Thyroid Panel

Do you suffer from fatigue, low energy and or depression? Thyroid disease is on the rise, check your levels and learn how to prevent disease, naturally.



There’s a reason. Once you discover it, you can address it, naturally.

Step One

Your body is likely nutrient deficient. Your liver overloaded with things it needs to detoxify, and your diet not optimal. Give your body what it needs to balance your hormones.

Step Two

Do you complain of PMS, menopause, infertility, endometriosis, acne, hair loss, brain fog, lack of motivation and or weight issues? Do you feel your hormones are “off”? Get them tested.

Step Three

Removing chemical contamination and poisons from your body addresses one of the primary causes of disease. If you live on the planet Earth, you likely need to detoxify your body with an effective program. This is the best medical grade detoxification you can do without a prescription.

Step Four

Test your Genetics and learn how to optimize your DNA. Certain SNPs in your genome can impact how you make, detoxify, and recognize your hormones. Diet, supplementation and lifestyle choices can change your life by reading your personal health code.

Step Five

If these previous steps have not resolved your health concerns, dig deeper and see how you are metabolizing your hormones. This is an amazing test that can be combined with your DNA and micronutrient levels.

Step Six

Hormone levels have an effect on your brain. Are you anxious? Depressed? Struggling with OCD, irritability, brain fog, ADD/ADHD? Do you want better brain health to decrease dementia risk? It is said that the brain is a wonderful servant, and a terrible master. Gain control.

Step 7

Learn what foods are making you stronger, and what are keeping you from thriving. Choose a food sensitivity test and get a good idea of what foods create inflammation in your body. . . which makes everything worse. Pair it with the micronutrient and antioxidant test below to really get after it.

Step 8

Micronutrient testing gives you invaluable information as to whether you are taking enough of the important supplements and antioxidants that are what your body really needs. Determine what you need more of and where to get it to optimize your body's physiology. This is great to cross reference with your DNA and food sensitivities to really optimize your health.

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