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Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing


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What do we test?

Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing:

Basic testing you get with your cardiologist or GP includes: Total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL. Our advanced cardiometabolic testing looks deeper at the size, shape and number of the cholesterol particles (which is the actually important risk factor). We also look at inflammation markers like CRP(hs), fibrinogen and homocysteine, as well as PLAC2, a measurement of possible plaque formation. Insulin and HbA1C are also looked at to determine whether pre-diabetes is a driving force of disease in your body.

Have you heard of taking fish oil? We check your healthy vs unhealthy fats and whether you need to take more. We also check Vitamin D levels.

Our 30 day detoxification program significantly reduces your inflammation, stress and toxicity. These are the major drivers of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Order now and watch your blood sugars and blood pressure decrease naturally.

Dr. Wdowin has a podcast all about cardiovascular health.

Nutrition Genome is also mentioned in this episode, and how you can optimize your diet to support your DNA. Order it here.

We provide testing and blood draws with Boston Heart Diagnostics.