Choose your Health Adventure – Digestive Difficulties

Health begins in the gut.

If you aren’t digesting and absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat, your body can’t work optimally. If you have digestive difficulties, this is the path for you.

Most people have a leaky gut.

That can lead to inflammation from food sensitivities and uncomfortable digestive issues. First step to most health, is healing up your gut lining.


Do you know what foods increase inflammation?

Find out with food sensitivity testing.

Optimize your digestion.

Support your healthy bacteria and gut health and your whole body will be more vital.

Do you have significant IBS or IBD?

Get your microbiome, inflammation, absorption and digestive capabilities tested. When we know the extent of the problem, we have more information to take action on.

Step One - Find Out What Is Making Everything Worse

Food sensitivities fuel Leaky Gut, which then creates more food sensitivities. Find out what is making everything worse. We recommend the 200 food or more test. The worse your gut is, the more likely you are sensitive to many different foods, and the more foods tested, the more information you have about what your CAN eat.

Step Two - Healthy Digestion Support

Support your digestion with our Digestive Health Supplement Packets.

Step Three - Heal your Leaky Gut

Food sensitivities fuel Leaky Gut, which then creates more food sensitivities which are like pouring gasoline on the fire of inflammation in your body and making everything worse. Heal up your gut lining so you don't become sensitive to what you are currently ABLE to eat. Take this powder AM and PM and treat the cause.

Step Four - Address Stress and Digestion

Stress makes everything worse, and is a major reason behind all the other health issues you see here. Many of us internalize our stress in our digestion, leading to GERD, IBS and even Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Step Five - Detox

Removing chemical contamination and poisons from your body addresses one of the primary causes of disease. If you live on the planet Earth, you likely need to detoxify your body with an effective program. This is the best medical grade detoxification you can do without a prescription. This will revolutionize your health on many different levels.

Step Five - Digestive Analysis

If you have gotten this far in the process, and your gut is still a significant issue, find out how well your digestion is working with a complete digestive analysis. It looks at microbiome balance, parasites, yeast, how well you are breaking down and absorbing your nutrients, and the inflammation present in the gut lining.

Step 7 - Optimize your Genetics

You are built from your genetics. The reasons problems run in families is due to Nature (DNA we inherit) and Nurture (How we were taught, and raised). This test can help you to understand how to eat, supplement, and live to optimize your body from the genetic level.

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