Laboratory Testing

Digestive Analysis for Optimal Health


We offer the best digestive analysis you can get. It will look at how well you are digesting your food, inflammation, immune activity and the health of your microbiome.

Product Description

We offer the best digestive analysis you can get. We look at how well you are digesting your food, inflammation in your gut, immune activity and the health of your microbiome.

What it can help:

  • Digestive problems – constipation and diarrhea
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Inflammation
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Joint Pain

Why to get a Digestive Analysis:

Cornerstones of good health include proper digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, a healthy microbiome and timely elimination of waste. To obtain benefits from food that is consumed, nutrients must be appropriately digested and then efficiently absorbed into portal circulation. An imbalanced microbiome has been shown to play a role in heart disease, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. Microbes, larger-sized particles of fiber, and undigested foodstuffs should remain within the intestinal lumen. Poor digestion and malabsorption of vital nutrients can contribute to degenerative diseases, compromised immune status and nutritional deficiencies. Our digestive analysis will tell you if you have an impairment of the highly specific nutrient uptake processes, or compromised GI barrier function, as in “leaky gut syndrome”. Leaky gut can result from a number of causes including:

  • Low gastric acid production
  • Chronic maldigestion
  • Food allergies harm the intestinal linings
  • An unhealthy biome
  • The use of NSAIDs and antibiotics

The GI360™ Profile is an innovative, comprehensive and clinically-applicable stool profile, utilizing multiplex PCR molecular technology coupled with growth-based culture and ID by MALDI-TOF, sensitive biochemical assays and microscopy to detect and assess the status of pathogens, viruses, parasites and bacteria that may be contributing to acute or chronic gastrointestinal symptoms and disease.

Microbiome Abundance and Diversity The GI360™ Profile is a gut microbiota DNA analysis tool that identifies and characterizes the abundance and diversity of more than 45 targeted analytes that peer-reviewed research has shown to contribute to dysbiosis and other chronic disease states.

The GI360™ can identify the presence of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and parasites using multiplexed, real-time PCR. Viruses are the primary cause of acute diarrhea, and the least commonly tested. The identification of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites improves treatment strategies and patient outcomes.

The Dysbiosis Index (DI) is a calculation with scores from 1 to 5 based on the overall bacterial abundance and profile within the patient’s sample as compared to a reference population. Values above 2 indicate a microbiota profile that differs from the defined normobiotic reference population (i.e., dysbiosis).

What’s Next?

We recommend a 30 minute ala carte appointment to make sense of all of our testing, and this one is no different. From that appointment your provider will be able to tell if you have inflammation, malabsorption and give you natural recommendations to treat the problems that they find.