Supplements for stress, inflammation and toxicity.

  • Mar 02, 2018

Stress, Inflammation and Toxicity

All human disease can be rooted in stress, inflammation and toxicity. We recommend changing your behavior and lifestyle to help decrease them. If you can’t win the lottery, eat entirely organic, and move to New Zealand, here are some of our favorite supplements that you can take. These supplements are designed to decrease the effects of stress, inflammation and toxicity on your body.


a-drenal supplement bottleWhenever someone says: “It is probably just stress” we assure them there is no “just” about it. Stress is a killer. We recommend meditation, yoga, and exercise to help your body be stronger in the face of stress. Natural substances and herbs called “adaptogens” have been proven to help the body adapt to stress for over 70 years. A-drenal by RLC labs is our favorite formula because it has adaptogenic herbs, as well as adrenal tissue and important nutrients.


Quell EPA/DHA supplement bottle

Many different things can cause inflammation, and there are scientific ways to help decrease it in the body. The best way to control inflammation is to take a high quality fish oil with EPA and DHA. “Quell” is the strongest, cleanest, best quality form we have been able to find in a capsule. We recommend it most highly. Make sure that the quality of your fish oil is high because you are otherwise not getting the most absorbable form, and it may have heavy metals and other toxicants in it!


Liver Support Supplement bottle

We swim in a chemical soup of toxicants (harmful chemicals and heavy metals etc) every day. It is the liver’s job to help clean and detoxify your body and protect you from those toxicants. With the 80,000 industrial chemicals in use, water, air and food pollution, your liver has a big detox job to do! One of the simplest ways to help decrease overall toxicity is to avoid exposure, get a good air filter, water filter and eat organically as much as possible. Switch your cosmetics and cleaners to be more natural and have less chemicals, and take your liver support!


Click here to purchase this great combination of supplements and make a good start at protecting yourself from the three major causes of disease.

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