60 minute Appointment ala carte


Product Description

What is this?

A 60 minute long telemedicine appointment with one of our Naturopathic MDs. This appointment will look into your entire health history, family history, social history and lifestyle. If you have any recent lab work we will look that over as well and take it into account while we design a comprehensive action plan created just for you.

After this appointment you will have recommendations for the following:

  • Cutting edge Functional Medicine Laboratory Health Analysis – If you follow the link you will get a sample of what you may be recommended, but everyone is different. Testing can be much less, or much more extensive and in depth depending upon your health concerns and goals.
  • Basic Supplementation – You will receive recommendations to improve your health even without the laboratory analysis
  • Basic Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations

Once we receive your individual laboratory results, we will craft an extensive plan just for you.