Are Allergies Ruining your Life?

  • Apr 22, 2019

In this episode of The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well, Dr. Wdowin demonstrates how to control your allergies with supplements, and discusses how inflammation, histamine and hormones are connected.

Allergies are your immune system overreacting to something in your environment that should be considered harmless. Chemical allergies are something all together different, and more dangerous as we discuss here.

If you switch to less toxic cleaners, and decrease your exposure to pollution, your allergies will get better.If you avoid food sensitivities that make you more inflamed, your allergies will get better. Taking supplements is often like using a band aid to cover something up. If you avoid exposures, you will need less supplementation overall.

Supplements for Allergies

If you want a great way to travel with Omega 3s, want to help heal up your brain from head injuries, or decrease your likelihood of complications from heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, click to order some CoverThree.

Don’t forget to visit our supplementation warehouse, if you want to order the following we recommended on the video.

AllQlear – Chewable and fruity, this is a great way to control allergies as needed without drugs and medication. You can order here.

Vitamin C – Add enough that it is effective, but you don’t poop your pants from going past bowel tolerance. We recommend 4-5g or about a teaspoon to just start out.

Nettles: This awesome herb helps to stabilize your mast cells so they don’t release as much histamine. You can take it separately, or in combination with. . .

Quercetin : Another incredible nutrient, this bioflavonoid is good for just about everything. Here’s a great combo of the two.

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