Detox your home

  • Oct 22, 2019

Detox your home by choosing non-toxic natural products. Chemicals in the environment, are stressing your body and have the potential to cause disease. There are over 80,000 industrial chemicals used in the US. These chemicals build up in your body as you are exposed.

These chemicals in your personal care products are harming your health.

Chemicals like SLS can cause cancer and endocrine dysruption.

Parabens – autoimmunity, neurotoxicity, hormone imbalance and cancer.

Anti-microbials like triclosan kill off your healthy bacteria and disrupt your microbiome. Test your microbiome and make sure you are in balance and your probiotics are working. The microbiome has a huge effect on your body.

How to kill bugs without poisoning yourself.

Essential oils:

Lavender, peppermint, citronella, cedar, and rosemary all repel fleas. These are also great to apply to wool dryer balls to scent your clean clothes without toxic dryer sheets with fake, cancer causing “fragrance”.

Non-toxic cockroach solutions.

Non-toxic fly solutions.

Want to kill Black Widows? Put dish detergent and some water in a spray bottle and it causes them to suffocate.

Here is the natural bug repellant we use. It’s a badger! Not a beaver! Sorry Freud.

Use to detox your home.

Here is a link to their green cleaning products.

Choose safe suncreens.

Cosmetic Database.

Knowledge is Power

Want to see the chemicals in your body? Take our toxicity test.

Get the toxins out of your body and decrease your risk of disease in the future with our 30 day detox.

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