Heart Disease is the #1 killer of Americans.

50-70% of people who die every year from a heart attack or stroke have NO warning. 

Do you want to know your risk?

Do you know your risk?

Our patients do, because we run state of the art testing to determine why they are at risk, and help them make changes to stay healthier/ longer.

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Diabetes is the plague of the 21st century

Obesity leads to insulin resistance. 60% of Americans are insulin resistant. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes. You can make changes today.

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Diabetes and Heart Disease go hand in hand.

60% of Americans are pre-diabetic, and elevated blood sugars contribute to heart disease, dementia, and even cancer. We can help manage your blood sugars without medications and their uncomfortable side effects. 

Heart Disease

Don’t let heart disease, diabetes and dementia steal your golden years. If you want to feel healthy, and happy, and age well, learn more about our advanced laboratory testing and functional medicine protocols.

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Obesity and Diabetes are major causes of Heart Disease.

Most diets fail because they concentrate only on diet and exercise, when metabolic disease and obesity are much more complicated. We look at all the factors that play a role in weight loss, including inflammation, stress, hormone imbalance, diet, fitness, and sleep.

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The Truth About Cardiovascular Disease