Supplementation for Heart Disease

  • Oct 17, 2019

Join Dr. Wdowin and learn about supplementation for heart disease. The number one killer of Americans is still heart disease, which is largely preventable. Diet, lifestyle, and supplementation can prevent, and reverse heart disease. Selenium, resveratrol, turmeric and vitamin C have all been researched to prevent and treat cardiovascular problems. Learn why you need supplements in our stressful, inflammatory and toxic world. Remember, you don’t want to get just any vitamin for sale at Costco. Supplementation can get a bad rap for being a waste of money, but those supplements aren’t high quality. Naturopathic MD only recommends and uses physician quality supplements that have been tested for purity, absorption and efficacy.

Do you want to know your heart attack and stroke risk? Order our Advanced Cardiovascular Testing with helps guide your supplementation for heart disease.

This episode also educates you about lifestyle changes you can make to help keep your heart healthy. Listen to our previous podcast to learn about the role of functional medicine in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. If you want to learn more about the role of diabetes in heart disease, click here.

Want to keep your heart and brain healthy? Try some CoverThree! You can learn more at This is also a great supplement to help kids grow big, healthy brains and decrease allergies.

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