April 30, 2019

Sugar AKA White Poison

Metaphor for Sugar and heart attack risk

Dr. Heather Wdowin NMD discusses why eating high glycemic carbohydrates, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are so bad for the body. She gives advice on how to eat in a healthy way for the body, and uses science to help convince you to stop eating yourself to death.

Heart Disease and Diabetes

High sugar diets cause inflammation, weight gain and immune dysfunction. Diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, and a diet too high in sugar and carbohydrates. Don’t believe that ridiculous story that fat causes diabetes, it just isn’t physiologically the whole story. High blood sugar tears through your body causing damage, and then cholesterol is used like a bandage to protect your blood vessels. That cholesterol can break off, or cause a clot, leading to a heart attack or a stroke. Click here for what to do!

Want to determine your heart attack and stroke risk? Want to know more about your cholesterol? We run labs through Boston Heart Diagnostics to assess your risk, and treat the cause of your disease before it happens.

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