Wellness Appointments and Functional Testing

  • Sep 07, 2017

We offer the best options for your preventative medical care:

  • Functional Medicine – So your body works better to heal and attain optimal health and functioning with natural therapies.
  • Web based appointments – convenient for wherever you are in the world.
  • Comprehensive programs- personally tailored for your health and well-being with supplement and lifestyle programs based in science and specialized functional medical laboratory analysis.
    • Hormone testing
    • Advanced Cardiovascular risk assessment – determining your heart attack and stroke risk has changed in the last 25 years, but most doctors still just run a lupus panel. We look deeeper at size,  shape and number of cholesterol particles, inflammation and whether you are forming plaque.
    • Metabolic testing- Millions of Americans are prediabetic, and they don’t even know! The sooner you act, the easier it is to reverse the path to diabetes. Not only do we look at blood sugar numbers with a more focused and preventive approach, we also test insulin and HbA1c.
    • Toxicity testing– We live in a toxic world, and many of us are exposed to chemicals we don’t even know are harming our health. We can test and see what’s in your body and then we educate you on how to remove them, and avoid getting more exposure in the future.
    • Gut health and Food – What we eat and how we digest it is extremely important because we do it at least three times a day!  Information about the importance of your healthy bacteria is everywhere lately. Test to see what foods are best for your body, and is to optimize your digestion and microbiome.

You can order these tests with analysis ala carte, or contact us at [email protected] to get an appointment and personalized testing recommendations.

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