Heart Disease and Functional Medicine

  • Oct 16, 2019

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. The conventional medical system has admittedly made no significant inroads into preventing and treating them – besides getting people to quit smoking. Millions of people suffer from heart disease, and functional medicine is the best option to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

I love this video with Elizabeth Banks, because women are at risk too!

Listen to this follow up podcast on healthy supplements for your heart.

You can order this book by Stephen Sinatra, MD to understand more about heart disease and functional medicine. We can tailor similar programs for you to address your personal needs.

When you go to the doctor you usually have a lipid panel run. If you have normal cholesterol, you are told that you are fine. Most conventional doctors don’t look at the other labs that really show whether you are at risk. We look at the size, shape and number of cholesterol particles, inflammation levels, insulin, and whether you have markers showing the formation of plaque! It is a much better test, and gives you a better idea of your risk. Get our Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing and determine your heart attack and stroke risk!

Do you feel anxious about your heart health? Are you worried about your heart attack and stroke risk? You can decrease inflammation, and address the cause of heart disease with our 30 day detoxification program. Start feeling better now!

You may also like to listen to this podcast. Dr. Wdowin discusses the role of sugar in heart disease and stroke as well as diabetes.

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