• Oct 21, 2019

I often wonder, GMO, WTF?

Industrial farms can cover GMO crops, like corn, soy and cotton, in herbicide and they still live. Whenever you eat conventional corn, wheat and soy you are eating RoundUp. One of the active ingredients in RoundUp is glyphosate, classified by the World Health Organization as a probable human carcinogen. That means glyphosate “probably” causes cancer. Bayer and Monsanto paid multi-million dollar settlements to people in California because glyphosate was proven to cause their cancer.

Poison in your food

Check out EWG.orgs assessment of glyphosate levels in food. You should definitely only eat organic dairy products, eggs, meat, wheat, corn and soy. Choose organic foods whenever you can. While they aren’t perfect, they have less of a toxic load, and often are more nutritious. Conventionally raised animals are largely fed GMO corn. Remember, GMO corn is covered in glyphosate, and full of hormones and antibiotics.

GMO WTF can you do?

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Glyphosate is a pesticide in the gut, and alters your microbiome. Autoimmune disease, allergies, IBS, and neurological problems have all been associated with exposure. Do you have digestive problems and you think your microbiome is off? Watch this podcast to learn more. Do you wonder if you are taking enough of the right kind of probiotics? Get our digestive analysis.

Many pesticides look like estrogen in the body and can lead to hormone imbalances in men and women. Check your hormones!

Male Hormone Panel Female Hormone Panel

You can learn more about female hormones in this podcast.

Know how to support your body to detoxify optimally by checking your genetics.

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Always choose wild Alaskan Salmon. Never eat Atlantic salmon. Not only is it super high in PCBs, now salmon is the first GMO animal available for consumption. Gross.

GMO OMG is a great documentary where you can learn more.

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