The Dangers of Plastic

  • Oct 22, 2019

The world is more polluted than you think, especially with plastic. Plastic chemicals are in your body, and causing disease. So what can you do?

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Here are some products we mention in the podcast.

For your food and drinks.

Change your food containers! Order on Amazon here.

Get a stainless steel water bottle. Not Aluminum! Switch to biodegradable or stainless steel straws and stop killing turtles.

Stainless steel container for protein shakes.

Travel mug for hot drinks.

Stop using plastic bags for your produce. Use these instead!

For your air and water:

Berkey Water Filter – I recommend getting a larger size, and make sure you have the black and white filters. The bigger it is, the less often you have to fill it – which can be annoying when you constantly run out of water.

Austin Air Filter – this is what we use in my house. We have several to cover all the square footage.

Microplastics are all over the world, and they are in your body! How do you avoid adding more into the environment? Choose natural fibers for your clothes, blankets, and bedding. Purchase organic wool, silk, linen, hemp, bamboo and cotton whenever possible. Most cotton crops are GMO, and are covered in Round-Up and other pollutants that you can absorb through your skin. My son has been dressed, and swaddled in organics his entire life in order to decrease his exposure. These options may be more expensive, but they don’t release microplastics like fleece and microfiber when you wash them. You don’t need all the stuff in your house anyway, as discussed in the Feng Shui podcasts with Dr. Cascio.

Here are some bedding products I love!

Silk pillow cases. Omg, the luxury.

Organic cotton sheets.

Blankets: Organic cotton with down. Organic cotton blankets or wool.

Here’s one of my favorite videos by Harvard mentioned in the podcast.

These are digital reproductions of electron microscope scans of your cells working. This is a white blood cell, and it really inspires me to eat better. . . because this really shows that you are what you eat! Now, do you want microplastics gumming up how your cells work?


Do you want to know if you have high levels of plastic chemicals in your body? You can order this test!

Want to know about your detoxification pathways on a genetic level? Get your Nutritional Genetic Analysis.


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