Get rid of your dirty laundry!

  • Jan 13, 2020

Clean Your Clothes With Natural Laundry Products and Avoid Carcinogens

Changing what toxicants you expose your body to is key to optimal health and wellness and a huge impact is made when you choose natural laundry products. You have hopefully shifted your diet to include the recommended organic produce and clean sources of protein, and changed your cookware and food storage.

We often overlook the toxicants put ON your body, or breathed in, and they are just as toxic and dangerous to your health, especially when it comes to your clothes sitting on your skin.

Do you accept our challenge to address your dirty laundry? We have listed some alternatives below. Share your experience on facebook group and help the whole community!


  1. Dry cleaning your clothes – You have to hang your clothes outside after dry cleaning for at least 48 hours for them to off-gas most of the carcinogens.
  2. Scented detergents – anything that says “Fragrance” is to be avoided!
  3. Dryer sheets – super toxic, full of cancer causing chemicals and hormone disruptors (causing hormone imbalances like infertility and PCOS etc).
  4. Fabric softeners – more chemicals. . . yuck.

Natural Laundry Alternatives:

Dry Cleaning– find a “green” dry cleaner who uses ozone to disinfect and deodorize your delicates.

Detergents: Use free and clear, or unscented products.

Dryer Sheets – You can purchase organic wool balls on amazon, and use a couple drops of essential oil to scent your clothes. Click here to get organic, free trade, hand-made dryer balls from Amazon.

Natural Scents for laundry – using unscented products means that your clothes won’t really smell nice and clean. Essential oils are a great way to remedy this. My favorite oils to use in the laundry are lavender, sweet orange, lemon and geranium. Here is a link to a combo box you can order the top 6 organic essential oils, and see which you like best.

Air fresheners are also incredibly toxic, and you can also use essential oils with a diffuser, to scent a room.

Natural Fabric Softener – Borax: You can use ¼ cup per load to help deeply clean, and freshen clothes. Borax is often easily found in most groceries and large markets, but you can use this link to order from Amazon.

½ cup of baking soda per load is another non-toxic deodorizer that you can also use with laundry, and, like borax, it works as a water softener as well.

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