Live to 150 – The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well

  • Jun 29, 2018

Live to 150 with Dr. Steve Young

Dr. Steve Young’s “moonshot” goal is to help a billion people love their way to building their greatest legacy by providing the tools and systems for success. The tools he has co-created to achieve this goal with other amazing souls involve a holistic healing system to resolve physical ailments, a workstation to cure poor posture and poor health from inactivity, and customized nutritional strategies to resolve the root cause of diseases. He’s a foodie with a goal to eat at the top 50 restaurants in the world and strives to be a mix between Elon Musk and Mother Theresa. He also loves to talk deeply about life, health, metacognition, parenting, and living to 150 years old.

Join Dr. Young and Dr. Wdowin for a fun segment on optimal living.

Listen to “Episode 9 – Live to 150 with quality of life!” on Spreaker.

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Listen to “The Bad Girls Guide to Living Well” on Spreaker.

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