Food Storage Containers and Beverage Bottles

  • Jan 13, 2020

Say goodbye to all your plastic food storage containers and water bottles. Even if they say BPA free, they likely have something even more toxic, like BPS, that most people just don’t know about yet. If you have a personal chef or food delivery service, ask them if you can switch to glass storage containers, because plastic and aluminum are both toxic. You can sometimes supply your own containers for them to fill.

Go Glass for Storage Containers:

This is the set I have at home. The beautiful thing about plastic is that it doesn’t shatter and cut you. . . rather, it poisons you slowly. You won’t find a good option for the lids; I prefer this style to pop top because the lining of the pop top is a perfect place to grow a gross mold colony.

You never want to heat your food in plastic, aluminum or styrofoam. The heat releases the toxic chemicals into the food, and you then consume it.

Glass or Stainless steel water bottles and cups/glasses.

Glass is glass in the glasses department, just make sure it isn’t an antique and leaded. Mexican pottery is also highly likely to contain lead and other heavy metals in the glaze, so stay away from those as well.

  • Tumblers – I used these for my young son, rather than the plastic sippy cup options.
  • You can also get stainless steel straws and stop killing turtles.
  • Water bottles – There are lots of different options, just be sure to get a silicone sleeve for the glass bottles. A silicone sleeve will help you hold on to a glass bottle and make it less likely to shatter.

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Education about environmental dangers is priceless! Share your knowledge and help change the world for the better!

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