March 1, 2018

Why you should take your vitamins.

Do you take your vitamins?

We do, and we take more than just a one a day! Watch this amazing video from Harvard, and then we will share with you why we take so many vitamins and minerals.

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Harvard University created this video and others about the inner workings of cells. They used electron microscopes and digital animation to give you a better look at what is happening in your body on a molecular level. Your cells are invisible to your naked eye, and this animation shows whats going on even at a smaller level! This video is an animated version of what is ideally happening in your cells 24 hours a day. Your body contains all of those moving parts, and you build them out of what you eat. How well they work depends on whether you have enough vitamins and minerals to help them work. Do you want to be made out of what they put in fast food? Or processed foods? Do you think your adult gummy vitamin has everything you really need to have your body enjoy great health?

If you are what you eat, you don’t want to be fake, fast, cheap or easy!

Want to have the cells in your body work better?

This video is an inspiring reason to eat well, and take your vitamins, to be sure that your cells are healthy and able to work this perfectly. We offer a great test to help you determine exactly what vitamins your body most needs, depending on your DNA! Click here for more information about our Nutritional Genetic Analysis.

Visit our supplement shop to order now, and start having your body work better on a molecular level.

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