Weight Loss Secrets

  • Oct 18, 2019

Weight loss is more complicated than “calories in – calories out”. Can you think of anything more frustrating than eating a diet you have been told is healthy, exercising at the gym regularly and not seeing any change on the scale? Are you curious about weight loss secrets that work? Dr. Wdowin discusses the role of inflammatory foods, inflammation, blood sugar management, supplementation, sleep and stress busters.

What is a real healthy diet? Is it the same for everyone? No! One great example of our weight loss secrets is that some common foods make you inflamed. When you are inflamed, you carry water weight you don’t even know about. Some of our clients even go down a shoe size when they remove their inflammatory foods from their diet! If you want to know what foods are causing inflammation, you can get our food sensitivity testing.

Learn about life hacks to help prime your body for weight loss. For example, give up the soda! You can learn about why, here.

If you avoid grains and potatoes, and stick to low glycemic index fruits and vegetables, your body will be more likely to lose weight as your insulin levels normalize. Here is a good resource to see where foods are on the glycemic index. Remember, we recommend avoiding grains and dairy. You can replace grains with more vegetables on that plate picture! Also, stick to dark skinned, brightly colored fruits and vegetables whenever possible because they have the highest content of the healthy polyphenols and bioflavonoids that your body loves!

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