Transformation into a Bad Ass Butterfly

  • Apr 21, 2019

Nothing is constant, but change.

We are all born to be butterflies, but transformation is agony! Have you ever seen a cocoon or chrysalis? The insect inside is often writing in agony as its internal organs get reorganized and wings spring from its back. Stress from life can be agonizing, and only inner transformation in line with what your heart desires will make you healthy and happy. If you have the right mental outlook, you can actually enjoy the transformation process.

But my resolutions always fail. . .

This is a practical guide Dr. Wdowin designed (from a LOT of experience) to help guide you towards breaking free of what is in your way. We often do not keep our promises to ourselves, and have a track history of failure. If a friend treated you the way you treat you, would you put up with it?

Do you want to change your health? Your job? Your relationships or love situation? Listen, apply the recommendations, believe in and love yourself, and watch your life transform. There is no magic pill; it is up to you to decide whether you want to remain a caterpillar, or brave being a butterfly. Both get eaten by birds, so you might as well be beautiful and able to fly.

Positivity Hack

One of Dr. Wdowin’s favorite things to do to shift herself from negativity to a positive frame of mind is called “10 favorite things”. If you are thinking negatively about something – say your ex husband, shift it into your 10 favorite things about him. Then move on with your life; this can stop you from negative momentum and you can rinse and repeat if necessary. Finding 10 favorite things about some charged topics can be difficult, but if you need to say super general things like: We both love to breathe, and we both love steak, that is OK. They completely count as “favorite things”. Do this for your job, your house, your relationship, your family drama, your cat pooping outside the litter box. Any time you recognize yourself starting to be negative, use this handy tool from the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

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