Yoga and it’s benefits.

  • Oct 13, 2019

yoga on the beach with refection

It may often seem that the world is full of things that stress us out. Traffic, job and family responsibilities, politics, the environment, and relationships can all wear us down and out. Research is showing that mindfulness and yoga can make you more resilient to stress in your everyday lives.

There are a billion yoga videos and studios out there for you. We recommend for everyone to have a yoga practice. Not only does it help you to pay attention to your breathing, but it also helps to stretch, strengthen, and pay attention to your body in other beneficial ways.

Deep breathing alone signals your body to relax because there is no danger. It helps to reset and replenish your body’s systems that become out of balance with long term stress. Watch this video with Gregg Braden, and learn more about how to breathe and support your brain and your heart.

Strengthening and lengthening your muscles through the practice of yoga helps you keep limber, improve posture, reduce pain, and detoxify your body. Yoga is a full body practice, and strengthens on not only your limbs and muscles, but your mind, organs, fascia and hormones.

Here is a video with my favorite YouTube yogi, Adriene!

If you want to make a commitment to your health through yoga, there are symbols associated with its practice. You may want to display, meditate upon, create art with them etc, to inspire you to evolve and heal through the ancient language of yoga.

Are you are overwhelmed by stress, and feeling fatigued, hopeless, depressed, have trouble sleeping or losing weight? Do you suffer from anxiety and or depression? You can get your cortisol testing done here.

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