Healthy Fertility Support Guide


I have been a NaturopathicMD for almost two decades, and I live a healthy, vibrant life. I got pregnant naturally, on the first try when I was 37. My son is now 9 years old, and is amazingly healthy, intelligent, and happy. This is what I recommend to increase your fertility, and have the healthiest children possible.

Product Description

Fertility Support Guide

I created this fertility support guide to be a resource for you and your partner. It will help you to create a healthy environment inside your bodies, and in your home to welcome your baby into this world in the best way possible.

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have.

Having difficulty conceiving, or having a child who struggles with their health is one of the most heart breaking experiences you can have. I  want to support you in the process so you can enjoy the agony, and the elation that is being a parent.

I created this protocol for if you have been having trouble conceiving. This is what to do to increase your natural fertility, and you definitely want to do it before IVF. Your body can’t conceive naturally because it isn’t healthy enough. You are either too stressed, toxic, or inflamed to carry a healthy baby.  There are other nutritional deficiencies and epigenetic factors you can also take into account. This program addresses all those angles to help you have the healthiest baby possible.

My mission is to empower people with education and access to functional medicine so they are better able to bring their personal and professional dreams to life with vitality and clarity.

I am committed to meeting people where they are, and functioning as a guide on their wellness journey. Doctors don’t “heal” anyone and they don’t “cure” anyone have amazing success stories where I have helped people along their journey to healing and cures. I guided their wellness adventure so they could experience health, vitality, and the energy to live their best lives. I hope this fertility support guide helps you create a healthy, happy environment for your future healthy kids.