We are experts in functional medicine.

We create personalized health and wellness plans using the forefront of research.

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We determine the cause of disease.

   using the best laboratory testing available. It is affordable, because we leave insurance out of it.

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We create health and wellness programs

Our experts analyze your lab data, and create a personalized plan to strengthen where you are weak, and prevent and reverse chronic disease. 

Get answers to your health questions

We are the heath experts

because we support health rather that suppress the symptoms of disease. Naturopathic Medical Doctors are the best trained general  functional medicine, and holistic practitioners. We are the future of medicine. Naturopathic MDs are trained in conventional diagnosis and drug therapies just like your average family practice MD, but are also trained in functional medicine, medical nutrition, botanical medicine, detoxification, joint manipulation, acupuncture, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, exercise medicine, emergency medicine, minor surgery, mind body medicine and homeopathy. Naturopathic medical schools train practitioners who straddle both worlds, conventional and alternative and that makes them the quintessential health experts. Naturopathic MDs are experts in many different natural modalities as opposed to being trained in one, like a conventional MD, DO or chiropractor, and then dabbling in other “natural” treatments. We are educated, examined, licensed and held accountable for knowledge of diagnosis, and appropriate treatments both alternative and conventional. Click here to learn more about NMD curriculum.

The Secret to Our Success

At NaturopathicMD you will have a personalized treatment plan created for you that includes many different modalities; your Naturopathic Medical Doctor will orchestrate your best plan of care because they are trained in the many different alternative therapies, can see the larger picture of health, and know how all the different pieces fit together to create the best result. If you want to achieve health rather than just manage symptoms, you want a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in charge of your care.

Our approach focuses on finding the cause of disease with advanced functional medicine testing, and treating that cause naturally to achieve true healing and wellness.

We start with a clinical consult, including a complete health history, and order necessary functional laboratory testing. After all information has been gathered, we look at the entire clinical picture and develop a personalized comprehensive health plan and treatment protocol.

We offer web based health and wellness programs to clients all over the world.

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3 weeks ago

Naturopathic MD

#exercise is good for everything that can go wrong with the human body. But are you doing it correctly to avoid #injury and optimize #results for your body type and #goals ? ... See MoreSee Less

#exercise is good for everything that can go wrong with the human body. But are you doing it correctly to avoid #injury and optimize #results for your body type and #goals ?

3 months ago

Naturopathic MD

... See MoreSee Less

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