Health Applications of HBOT

Amy Ryan and HBOT

Join Dr. Heather Wdowin and Amy Ryan as they discuss the health applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT for chronic diseases like cancer, and TBI and CTE. Hyperbaric oxygen is great for brain injuries, and pairs well with the supplement designed specifically for CTE and TBIs: Cover Three. We have discussed CTE and TBIs on […]

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CTE and TBI – The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well

Dr. Garrett Wdowin creator of cover three designed to help CTE and TBI

CTE and TBI Injuries Can Ruin Your Life and Future. Join Dr. Heather Wdowin and her youngest brother Aaron Wdowin. He is the co-founder and  marketing director of Cover Three, the first and only neuroprotectant formula designed to help your brain be more resilient to brain trauma. Dr. Garrett Wdowin is the creator of the […]

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