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We have tremendous resources on this site aimed to help educate you about how to live your healthiest life. Choosing high quality, appropriate supplementation is a key element to keep you healthier, longer.
Supplementation is necessary

You can’t get all the nutrients you need from food. For example, to get the recommended amount of resveratrol to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease, you would have to drink 100 bottles of wine a day!

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Pharmaceutical Grade and Research Verified

We offer you access to Physician grade, researched effective and absorbable supplement options. These are the best available anywhere in the world.

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You can order anything in the whole inventory and get a 10% discount. Clients enjoy deeper discounts on everything from Vitamin A and Zinc to pet health, personal care, cosmetics and essential oils.

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The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well

Listen to Dr. Heather Wdowin's podcast, "The Bad Girls' Guide to Living Well", and learn more about how your body works, functional medicine, and how you can optimize your health and life! You can find us on Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes and Spreaker. Listen to "The Bad Girls Guide to Living Well" on Spreaker.

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