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Fatigue is one of the most common complaints people have. Do you want to enjoy more energy so you can enjoy your life?

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Thyroid testing

The first thing to do when you are tired, is to get a functional look at your thyroid and metabolism.

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Adrenal testing

Your thyroid and adrenals work hand in hand to supply your body with energy. This test will help us determine how adrenally fatigued you are.

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We can check your thyroid and adrenal glands, assess how you are sleeping, food allergies etc, and get to the deeper reason why you are so tired.Join Dr. Heather Wdowin on “The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well” as she discusses why so many people are having problems with their thyroid, and what to do about it.

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30 Day Detox Protocol

You have made an important commitment to being healthier, and treating the cause of chronic disease by joining us for the NaturopathicMD supervised metabolic detox protocol. This is the most advanced detoxification you can do in the comfort of your own home, without a prescription. You are not only doing an elimination diet, you are …

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Better Sleep!

Sleeping less than 6 hours has been shown to increase the likelihood of death from. . . everything! You need to get good, deep, regenerative, uninterrupted sleep for your body and brain to work optimally. Naps are one of my favorite things, delicious treats that we often don’t get to enjoy as adults. I think …

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Air Filters Can Save your Health

Air Filters are Absolutely Necessary High levels of air pollution around the world is stimulating a lot of study on health effects. The science shows that air filters are absolutely necessary for optimal health and wellness. We have known for many years that air pollution harms the lungs and can cause asthma and other problems. …

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30 Days of Yoga with Adriene – Day 1

Two of the cornerstones of health are fitness and stress management. Yoga helps with both of them! Yoga combines breathing, mindfulness, fitness and moving meditation. Start here to change your health and life for the better. Commit to doing Yoga with Adriene for a month, and you will see positive changes  in your body. Adriene …

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