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Heather Wdowin, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

You have the option of getting the best in functional medicine care, from Dr. Heather Wdowin, the expert at NaturopathicMD online.

Dr. Heather Wdowin is the founder, and visionary behind Naturopathic MD. It is her goal to offer access to high quality medical wellness plans to everyone. Dr. Wdowin is Ivy League educated, and an accomplished diagnostician and practitioner. Medical providers are often urged to specialize, to “corner a market” or set themselves up as an “expert”. Dr. Wdowin is an actual expert in the human body, teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology for Nurse Practitioners. An expert in preventive medicine, and health fundamentals, she also has mastered the high skill procedures associated with the highest levels of integrative medicine. She has 15 years experience with integrative oncology, chelation and environmental medicine, orthopedic and aesthetic PRP and stem cell therapies, sports performance optimization, bio-identical hormone replacement, and diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune and chronic disease management.

She is an educator, author, speaker, naturalist, traveler and host of “The Bad Girls’ Guide to Living Well”. Her colleagues call her a “naturopathic renegade, and eclectic physician”. One of her enemies once said she was “80% magic, and 20% woman”. She has circumnavigated the planet with a backpack, hiked the Grand Canyon nine times, sailed down the Nile, and meditated in the queen’s chamber of the great pyramid, twice. She loves children, animals, and nature. It is her philosophy that the further we get from nature, the sicker we will become. So, go outside!

How to see Dr. Heather Wdowin in person?

You obviously can’t get all the therapies she is an expert in from her personally online. She can create a master plan for you, however, based on her extensive experience. She will educate you and guide you in your options locally by finding providers that also have mastery of the therapies you need. You can also visit her physical offices in Dublin, California and Tempe, AZ.